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  Fortiter in re, fortiter in modo.

Intermaster prevents (un)intended manipulations in the configuration of the Microsoft Internet Explorer. E.g. you can disable some or all settings tabs (connections, security, privacy, etc.) or you can partialy disable a lot of other settings (default homepage, deleting browser cache, etc.). Intermaster has originally been written for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 but is compatible up to Internet Explorer 10. Please note that the development of Intermaster has been discontinued in 2005.

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Version Release focus / Changes Downloads
March 19
Several feature enhancements and bugfixes. Support for Internet Explorer 6.
Intermaster 4.51 (1.07 MB)
(german edition)
August 16
Feature enhancements and bugfixes.
Intermaster 4.10 (1.15 MB)
(german edition)
Older versions of Intermaster are available on request only.

Updates for older versions can be downloaded below:

Version Release focus / Changes Downloads
August 11
Fix for software registration bug.

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