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  Fortiter in re, fortiter in modo.


Download Webalizer Xtended for other operating systems below. Important notes:

  • FSD is not responsible for this software and its documentation and does not support it in any way. Please contact the author directly for any support issues.
  • Please be aware that the software below bases upon the old original Webalizer version v2.01-10.
Platform Author Downloads
Cent OS
RB22 for Cent OS 4: RPM / SRC-RPM
RB22 for Cent OS 5: RPM / SRC-RPM
GPG-Key / YUM Repo
(Webalizer patch base: v2.01-10)
RB21 for Windows: SRC / BIN
(Webalizer patch base: v2.01-10)

Webalizer Xtended is free software.
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