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  Fortiter in re, fortiter in modo.

Webalizer Xtended is a fork of Webalizer External link (a server log file analysis program) and contains a great number of feature improvements, such as detailed monthly statistics for all "HTTP 404 Not Found" errors and additional configuration file keywords. Furthermore, all colors of the statistics can be defined by the user. Webalizer Xtended also fixes several (security-related) bugs in the original Webalizer code and contains the "Apache mod_logio" patch to generate faster and more reliable traffic statistics.

For a more detailed outline proceed to the complete features list and feel free to read some articles that reference Webalizer Xtended. Have a look at some sample color schemes and reports for customizing Webalizer Xtended, too.

Please donate: Software development requires a lot of time and efforts. So if you find Webalizer Xtended to be a useful, even valuable program, and wish to support and encourage its continued development, please consider a donation. To send your contribution please click one of the PayPal donate buttons below. Thank you very much!

Downloads (if you upgrade from Webalizer to Webalizer Xtended please read chapter 1 of the current INSTALL file):

Version Release focus / Changes Downloads
April 6
Minor feature enhancements and bugfixes. See the CHANGELOG for details.
RB30-complete-source (553 KB)
RB30-patch (46 KB)
(Webalizer patch base: v2.23-08 new)
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More downloads of Webalizer Xtended are available here.

Webalizer Xtended is free software.
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