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Intermaster prevents (un)intended manipulations in the configuration of the Microsoft Internet Explorer. E.g. you can disable some or all settings tabs (connections, security, privacy, etc.) or you can partialy disable a lot of other settings (default homepage, deleting browser cache, etc.). Intermaster has originally been written for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 but is compatible up to Internet Explorer 10.

Note: The development of Intermaster has been discontinued in 2005.


Version Description Downloads
4.51 (19.03.2005) Several feature enhancements and bugfixes. Support for Internet Explorer 6. Intermaster 4.51 (1.07 MB; German edition)
4.10 (16.08.2004) Feature enhancements and bugfixes. Intermaster 4.10 (1.15 MB; German edition)

Updates for older versions

Version Description Downloads
1.0 (11.08.2002) Fix for software registration bug. Regkey-Update for Intermaster 2.40 (1.8 KB)