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PhoNetInfo retrieves detailed phone / pc and network information such as firmware version; IMSI; IMEI; SIM card and battery status; Wifi details; mobile network name, signal strength, cell ID and country code; CPU speed, type and architecture; RAM and ROM; running tasks; MMC & SD Card; camera details (e.g. ISO, white balance), etc. All information can be saved to a file or can be exported by email. PhoNetInfo is available in English, German and French. Note: Some features may not be available for all devices and / or operating systems.

Screenshots for PhoNetInfo are available here. Feel free to read some articles that reference PhoNetInfo. PhoNetInfo is compatible with...

  • Android devices (as of API version 16; "Jelly Bean")
  • Windows 10.x and Windows Phone 8.1/8.0 devices (e.g. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, HP Elite X3, Alcatel Idol S3, Acer Liquid M330).
  • Symbian "Belle", S^3/"Anna", S60 3rd and 5th edition mobile phones (e.g. Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 701, Nokia ESeries & NSeries)
Downloads for Android:
Version Description / Changes Download

March 1

FREE version (contains ads)
Get it on Google Play

1.0.34 PRO
March 1

PRO version (no ads)
Get it on Google Play

Downloads for Windows 10.x (Mobile):
Version Description / Changes Download
January 3

Get it on Windows 10

Downloads for Windows Phone 8.1 & 8.0:
Version Description / Changes Download
February 14

Get it from Microsoft

Downloads for Symbian:
Version Description / Changes Downloads

Dec. 18

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